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Real Estate

- Investment Services
We will look for the property investment that meets your specific goals. We can help you define your budget, objectives and needs, provide access to local market information allowing you to become familiar with the best areas to invest. Once we have a complete profile of your needs, we will search for the ideal property. We have access to the MLS (Multi Listing Service) Database and Developments and will find the best deal, no matter who it is listed with or sold by.

We consider many factors before presenting a list of options:

- Location
- Rent or residential
- Re-sale value or long term investment
- Long term needs
- Time frame, etc.

Here’s what we will do:

• Provide a complete picture on the real estate market in Puerto Vallarta
• Provide you with comparable Market Analysis, Sales Statistics, List of Inventory, Developments, etc.
• Present and analyse for you all Real Estate Agencies
• Access to the MLS Database and search pocket listings
• Inform you with all the process of purchasing Real Estate in Mexico
• Familiarize you with all the financing options 
• Get facts and estimates from lawyers, notaries and other professionals
• Presentation of a full report of cost for your investment, not just the price of the purchase but the closing fee, maintenance expenses, taxes, bank trust, etc.

Our goal is to ensure you invest your money in the right place!